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Soccer Rules

Last Update: 15/07/2018
  1. All match odds save where specifically offered as First Half Betting (1H) or Second Half Betting (2H) odds are based on the result at the end of the regular ninety minutes (2 x 45 minutes) play, including any injury or stoppage time. Extra-time, golden goals and penalty shot-outs do not count for betting purposes, unless stated otherwise.

  2. Some soccer matches may have different playing schedules. Should that be the case then the following will apply:

    • 90 minutes scheduled play (3 x 30 minutes). Full-time bets are still considered valid. Half-time bets are considered void.

    • 80 minutes scheduled play (2 x 40 minutes). All bets are still considered valid.

    • 70 minutes scheduled play (2 x 35 minutes) or less. All bets will be considered void unless company have state the duration playing time in competition name or the specific announcement before the match starts

    • Other leagues are determined the time and number of players before the start of a tournament. The Customer should check the rules against independent sources of information prior to placing bets on other leagues. All bets will be valid however company have the right to cancelled the tickets.

      this is the format of other leagues:

      • 20 minutes scheduled play (2 x 10 minutes)

      • 24 minutes scheduled play (2 x 12 minutes)

      • 30 minutes scheduled play (2 x 15 minutes)

      • 40 minutes scheduled play (2 x 20 minutes)

      • 50 minutes scheduled play (2 x 25 minutes)

  3. If a soccer match is postponed, or is abandoned or suspended and not resumed on the same day, then the match is void. Bets will only be considered valid if the match is resumed before the twelve hour expiration. Matches will be declared void irrespective of any official decision to honor the result. The outcome of all bets on abandoned/suspended matches is at the sole discretion of the Company.

  4. First Half Betting (1H) applies to first half play only. If a match is abandoned during the first half then all bets are considered void. If a match is abandoned during the second half then all first half bets are still valid.

  5. Second Half Betting (2H) applies to Second Half play only. Second Half do not include any Overtime that may be played. If a match is abandoned during the Second Half then all Full Time and Second Half bets are considered void.

  6. The Company provides venue information (e.g. neutral ground) as a service and accepts no liability whatsoever if the stated neutral venues are correct or not. It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of the correct venue for any match.

  7. Unless otherwise stated, if the venue is changed from that of the home team to a neutral venue, or from a previously stated neutral venue to that of the home team then all bets are still considered valid. If the venue is changed from that of the home team to that of the original away team then bets will be considered void. Bets will also be considered void if the home and away team names are wrongly stated in reverse.

  8. The score will be updated for Soccer live betting and Markets shown during live trading refer to the score displayed at the time the bet is placed. The timer and red card notices are given for reference purposes only.

  9. For live betting, during a game, with respect to actions which the Company in its sole and absolute discretion, deems as dangerous where the score, outcome, performance of one team or player may be affected; or warrant changing the odds/prices or Markets or Betting Information (“Danger Play”) the Company reserves the right to suspend acceptance of bets and may accept or reject bets after the Danger Play. All other actions in a game are deemed Safe Play and bets will continue to be considered for acceptance.

  10. For live betting, bet placement is allowed up to the 90th minute in addition to any injury time for full time for most games (at the discretion of the Company).

  11. For live betting, all pending bets will be automatically rejected as of the moment the referee ends the match for full time provided that all pending bets for First Half Betting (1H) only will be automatically rejected as of the moment the referee ends the half for half time.

  12. Fast Settlement

    • Applicable to both Pre-match and Running Ball 1H, 2H, FT under 2 x 45 minutes, 2 x 40 minutes, 2 x 35 minutes’ and extra time event only.

    • Fast settlement DOES NOT apply on combo bet but single bet only.

    • Fast settlement bet will not change the status after done settlement.

    • Bookmaker will auto perform fast settlement when member wager has met sure win & sure lose condition against actual live result as long it met the condition as stated under point A and B.


      Sure Win Condition

      Member A bought France U19 with handicap of FT Over 2.5 on early market, result on 47th minutes has turn to 3-0, member A will receive the winnings without having to wait until match end.

      Sure Lose Condition

      Member B bought Germany U19 with handicap of FT Under 2.5 on early market, result on 47th minutes has turn to 3-0, member B will lose the bet without having to wait until match end.


Bookmaker reserve the final right to offer which market, e.g. Corner market to have fast settlement.

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