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  1. If there is no podium ceremony, results will be determined in accordance with the official result of the relevant governing body at the time of the Market settlement, regardless of any subsequent disqualification or amendment to the results. If no official result is available then the result will be determined with reference to the available evidence known at the time of Market settlement.

  2. Markets are generally settled shortly after the conclusion of an Event. Some Markets may be settled before the official result is declared. The Company reserves the right to reverse settlement in the Event of a Market being settled in error.

  3. In the Event of uncertainty over any result then the Company reserves the right to suspend settlement of any Market for an unlimited period of time.

  4. The Company will not recognize any amendments or changes to results made more than 72 hours after the Event start time, for bets that have already been settled.

  5. Where there is a conflict between the official results and the results posted on the results section of the Company’s Website, the conflict shall be resolved by reference to the Company's video recording of the particular Event to determine the correct result. If no such video recording is available, the results published on our site will be the one that stands.

  6. Results will be determined by the company using, where possible, official sources from each sport’s governing body. Where results are not readily available from the sport’s governing body, the Company may use such other source(s) as it deems appropriate and reasonable in all the circumstances.

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