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Olympic and Special World Event Betting

Last Update: 15/07/2018

1.    Bets are accepted for sporting and other special world events that are being advertised on this website.

2.    Bets are subjected to rules which are applicable for each sport, (e.g. Soccer, Tennis, Bowling, etc) found in our general sports rules.

3.    General betting rules are applicable to any situations not covered by the Special Rules.

4.    The result of a match or event will be determined on the day of its conclusion for betting purposes unless otherwise stated within the rules for each sport or event. Any subsequent enquiry that may result in an overturned decision will not be recognized by the company after 72 hours from the processing of results. Within 72 hours after results are processed, the company will only reset / correct the results due to human error or mistakes in referring website.

5.    If a match venue for the sporting event is changed to away or neutral grounds, all bets on that particular match will be considered void and all wagers placed will be refunded to original accounts.

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