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eFifa Soccer

1. Bets are accepted on a computer game FIFA (soccer simulator with 2 players take part in).

2. If the match is stopped due to technical reasons (computer failure, disconnection, etc.) and re-match appointment, bets on stopped game will be settled according to main rules of settling interrupted events.

3. Bets on re-match is accepted as for a new event.

4. If due to technical failure the live streaming of the event is interrupted (disconnection, DDoS, etc.), this is not a reason for canceling bets, except for situations in which it is impossible to know the final result of a match.

5. Each FIFA soccer player is assigned one team per tournament.


6. eAthlets compete on round schema


7. Winner of match is determined by result of Full Time. In case of a draw, eAthlets chose the method of ending a match: «Agree on Draw» with no other options.


8. Draw result is included to statistics together with score.


9. Match Result is included to statistics according to final score of Full Time.


10. Matches include in-game penalties and send-offs in case of fouls.


11. Match results are not decided  by penalty shoot outs


12. Each participant plays 8 matches in each tournament, which are:

  • 4 Home matches

  • 4 Away matches

13. There will be 20 of total matches within tournament played by 5 eAthlets.

14. Points are assigned as following:

  • Win: 3 points

  • Draw: 1 points

  • Loss: 0 points

15. In case of equal number of points, the winner is determined by number of scored and conceded goals. 

16.  All results are included into official spreadsheet online at Halftime of each match.

​17. Tournament formats:
- UCL (incl. night tournament, Time Zone GMT+2)
- Europa League
- EPL (incl. night tournament, Time Zone GMT+2)
- Nations League
- EURO (incl. night tournament, Time Zone GMT+2)
- CIS Cup
- Bundesliga
- International friendlies

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