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Bettrade Conditions and Rules

This option allows you to take a payout on your valid bet before the bet for your chosen selection(s) closes.

1. The Bettrade function is available for single bets only. It is not offered for combo bets.

2. Available for live matches on Soccer sport only.

3. Any bets placed in pre-match will not show sell button until the match starts. Bettrade feature will only be available when matches are running.

4. Once the match begins, those matches and bet types which have available Bettrade option will display a “Sell” icon with an offer price in bet list, indicating which of your bets are eligible for selling.

5. Subject to our acceptance, you can sell your bet for the amount offered on the “Sell” icon on your bet slip. The selling price offered is the total amount that will be returned to your account if successful.

6. Once the ticket is successfully accepted by the system, user will no longer allowed to cancel the sale.

7. We cannot be made liable in case “Bettrade” is not available for technical or any other reasons. We

recommend explicitly not to place bets based on the assumption that “Bettrade” will be available at a later point in time for the respective bet.

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