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*This rule also applicable to E-Basketball only the game duration is difference.


1. All games must start on the scheduled date (local time) for bets to have action. An exception is made if incorrect start time is announced on our website.


2. If the scheduled venue is changed, all bets will be considered void. (unless stated otherwise).


3. If a match is suspended or abandoned during the 1st half, all 1st half bets are considered void.  (all bets including FT)


If a game is abandoned during the 2nd half, all 2nd half bets are considered void, unless otherwise stated in the individual bet type rules. (including FT bets)

All 1st half bets will still be valid."


4. If a match suspended or abandoned within 12 hours of the scheduled start time then Full Time bets are still considered valid.

If a match start at least 43 minutes of an NBA match, or 35 minutes of any other basketball match have been completed. Bets will also be considered valid if an official result is declared by the relevant governing body.

Otherwise bets on suspended or abandoned matches will be void, except for those on markets which have been unconditionally determined."


5. If the game starts before the scheduled time, only bets placed before the game commenced will be considered valid.

Bets placed after the game commenced will be considered void. This excludes In-Play bet types."


6. First-Half results (1H) are the sum of the First and Second Quarters (Q1+Q2).

Second-Half (2H) results are the sum of the Third and Fourth Quarters (Q3+Q4). (including OT)

Overtime have different result. This will only occur to determine the outcome of Second-Half (2H) and Full time (FT)"

7. Special markets (including the number of Points, Rebounds, Assists, Three-Points, Free-Throws etc) are valid if both players participate in the match. If one or both players do not take part in the match then all bets are void. Results for special markets include Overtime, unless otherwise stated. All results are taken when the official result is declared at the end of the match by the governing body (, etc) and any subsequent changes to the statistics are not valid for betting purposes.


8. NCAA and MPBL - Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League Venue Rule: Please note, that the ""Home"" and ""Away"" venue indicated on the website is for reference only.

Bets will valid regardless of change of venue, be it to the ""Home"" team's venue, the ""Away"" team's venue or to a ""Neutral"" venue."

9. For the 3x3, Streetball and Big3 match versions of the sport, settlement will be based on official competition rules. Where a match starts but is not completed, bets will be void unless the specific market outcome is already determined.

10. In this given type of sport, other outcomes can be offered

11. NBA 2K Moneyline, Handicap, Over/Under & Odd/Even markets refer to the number of points scored.


12. ES-NBA2K league offer 4X6 and OT for 3 mins. ES-NBA Regular Cup or ES-NBA Regular Cyber Cup offer 4X5 and OT for 3 mins. Beside from the game duration, other rules which is foul, free throw, timout will be remain the same with the current rules of NBA.

Other leagues are determined the time before the start of a tournament. The Customer should check the rules against independent sources of information prior to placing bets on other leagues.
All bets will be valid however company have the right to cancelled the tickets.
this is the format of other leagues:

- 4 by 10 (4 quarters and 10 mins)
- 4 by 12 (4 quarters and 12mins)
- 4 by 6 (4 quarters and 6mins)
- 4 by 5 (4 quarters and 5mins)
- 2 x 10 (2 Periods and 10 mins)
- 2 x 15 (2 Periods and 15 mins)
- 2 x 20 (2 Periods and 20 mins)

13. For ES Basketball company have the right to refund 1 hour after schedule match.
Other reference result will not effected to our decision.

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